Policy Organization of the insurance contracts

Property & Casualty Insurance


 Policy Organization

Although all insurance contracts contain these elements, policies can be organized in a number of different ways.

Some policies contain the declarations, insuring agreement, conditions, definitions, and exclusions all in one single, continuous page.

Another format uses a policy jacket, also called a skeleton policy, that contains general conditions and the declarations.

 To complete the policy, a policy form or coverage form containing the insuring agreements, exclusions, definitions, and additional coverages must be attached.

Still another format features a declarations page, a coverage form con- taining the coverages and certain exclusions, definitions and conditions, a separate general conditions form, and a causes of loss form listing the perils insured against and additional exclusions. Later in this course, you will have an opportunity to learn more about specific policies and see how they are constructed.

Because our lives are subject to so many changes and because each policy- holder is different, it is often necessary to modify or change the original policy in some way, such as broadening coverage, restricting coverage, or changing the name of an insured. This is accomplished by adding an endorsement, which is attached to the policy itself.

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