Although the personal auto policy provides broad coverage for an individual’s auto exposures, some insureds may have additional coverage needs that can be met by adding an endorsement to the policy.

Earlier, we stated that a personal auto policy can be issued to an individual or a married couple who live in the same household. 

When the joint ownership coverage endorsement is attached, the policy can be issued to two or more people who live in the same household or two or more people who are related in another way besides being spouses.

The towing and labor costs endorsement reimburses the insured for the cost of having a vehicle towed.

 The basic coverage limit is $25 for combined towing and labor costs each time a covered auto is disabled. Higher limits are usually available. 

Labor must be performed at the place of disablement: work performed after the vehicle is taken to a garage is not covered.

The miscellaneous type vehicle endorsement may be added to the personal auto policy to provide coverage for motorcycles, mopeds, and recreational vehicles such as motor homes and golf carts. (Some companies issue specialized policies to cover these vehicles rather than endorsing the standard policy.)

The extended nonowned coverage—vehicles furnished or available for regular use endorsement expands the extensive coverage automatically provided under the personal auto policy for the insured and the family while driving cars other than the insured’s covered autos.

 It eliminates most exclusions applicable to autos that are furnished or available for the regular use of the named insured or family members.

Part D of the personal auto policy pays up to $20 per day to a maximum of $600 for transportation expenses when a covered auto is out of service due to a covered loss. 

The optional limits transportation expenses coverage endorsement allows the insured to select the daily and maximum limits of coverage provided for transportation and loss of use expenses for scheduled and nonowned autos. The limits selected are shown in the declarations.

The excess electronic equipment endorsement has two purposes. It allows the insured to:

add coverage for tapes, records, and disks used with electronic media; and

increase the limit of insurance for electronic equipment that is permanently installed in an area of the auto not normally used for installing this equipment.

The named nonowner coverage endorsement may be issued to someone who does not own an automobile but drives borrowed or rented autos. 
It might be used to provide coverage for an individual who drives a corporate-owned auto furnished for his use by an employer. 
Although the individual would have coverage while driving the company car under the company’s auto policy, there would be no coverage for any other auto the insured might regularly or occasionally drive.
 This endorsement to the personal auto policy provides such coverage. If the insured acquires a private passenger auto, pickup, panel truck, or van during the policy period, the endorsement will automatically cover it for 14 days if no other insurance applies

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