What are the 4 parts of a personal auto policy?


What are the 4 parts of a personal auto policy?

The personal auto policy consists of a declarations page and a policy form.

 The policy form contains four separate coverages, each with its own insuring agreement, exclusions, and conditions. 

They are as follows:

Part A—liability coverage

Part B—medical payments coverage

Part C—uninsured motorists coverage

Part D—coverage for damage to your auto (physical damage)

Many personal auto policies are written to include all of the available coverages, but the insured does not have to purchase each one. 

Part A—liability coverage may be written alone or with any of the other coverages. 

Medical payments coverage, Part B, is optional, but it may only be written if the policy includes liability coverage. 

Part C—uninsured motorists coverage may only be written in conjunction with liability coverage and is subject to other laws that vary from state to state. 

It is mandatory in some states; in others the insured may reject the coverage in writing. 

Either or both of the coverages under Part D (collision and other than collision) may be written alone or with liability coverage.

The personal auto policy can be issued to an individual or a married couple residing in the same household.

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