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       DWELLING POLICY EN DORSEMENTS 1. Broad Theft Coverage The broad theft coverage endorsement adds coverage for theft of personal property to the dwelling policy.  It may be written for an owner-occupied dwelling or an apartment occupied by a tenant who is the named insured. The endorsement covers theft, attempted theft and vandalism, and malicious […]

  • What is the difference between DP1 DP2 and DP3 insurance?

      DWELLING FORMS COMPARISON This concludes our discussion of the dwelling forms. Before you go on to the next section, study the following comparison charts

  • What is a special form dwelling?

     BROAD FORM (DP-2) AND SPECIAL FORM (DP-3) 1. Covered Perils—Broad Form Now that you’re familiar with the DP-1, we’ll study the other dwelling forms. Our discussion will focus primarily on the differences between these forms and the DP-1. Like the basic form, the broad form (DP-2, DP 00 02) is a named peril policy that […]

  • What is a basic form dwelling policy ?

       BASIC FORM (DP-1) 1. Basic Policy Coverages We’ll begin our discussion with the dwelling basic form, which is also known as the DP-1 and DP 00 01.  The basic form provides the following coverages: ■Coverage A—dwelling ■Coverage B—other structures ■Coverage C—personal property ■Coverage D—fair rental value Although all four coverages are preprinted in the […]


      THE DWELLING POLICY 1. Introduction The dwelling policy provides protection for individuals and families against loss to their dwelling and personal property.  If you’re already familiar with the homeowners policy, which also covers dwellings and personal property, you may wonder what the difference is between the two policies. We’ll have an opportunity to look […]